NDF- 2017 has ended

Kia ora koutou, welcome to NDF2017! The livestream is available from 8.45am on Tues 21st November.

Nominations are now open for "The big thought" and "The big takeaway" conference awards
Visit http://tiny.cc/ndfnomination to make your nomination.


Aimee Whitcroft

After studying molecular biology, neuroscience and business, aimee has local and international experience in everything from strategy and management consulting to futurecasting to science/tech/govt communication. She's worked for a number of New Zealand's topscience, internet-related and governmentorganisations, including leading the internationally-recognised Govt.nz content team. These days, she's the co-founder of design consultancy GovWorks NZ, and the founder and principal of comms and engagement consultancy Syntropics, and can generally be found building spaces for people to learn and createin. She's driven the Mongol Rally, been involved in numerous science, business and tech events, and more besides.She's is NZ National Lead for GovHack - the southern hemisphere's largest open data / open government hackathon - and is active in and passionate about the Open Data, Open Government and Civic Tech spaces. aimee loves bumping government up against civil society, and helping foster the awesomeness that can come from that. @teh_aimee, @govhacknz, @govworksnz