NDF- 2017 has ended

Kia ora koutou, welcome to NDF2017! The livestream is available from 8.45am on Tues 21st November.

Nominations are now open for "The big thought" and "The big takeaway" conference awards
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Dan Dixon

Digital Arts Network
Senior UX Strategist

Dan is Strategy Director at Digital Arts Network, a leading New Zealand human-centred design agency. 


Before that he built up 17 years experience in both the academic and industry practice of UX. He first worked in UK digital agencies and the BBC. Then moved to the University of the West of England, where he taught interaction design and carried out research into physical/digital experiences.


Recently he has been working with Auckland Council and Libraries, the Auckland Museum and ANZ. Dan is an experienced researcher in many modes, and has just completed a PhD in design research. He’s also worked extensively with location-based, and contextually sensitive experiences as well as experimental game design.